Jig-So is run on a day to day basis by a team of dedicated staff -

Charlotte Jones

Healthier Families, Resilient Communities Coordinator 

Charlotte has overall responsibility for the day to day running of the centre,and is the registered person for CSSIW. Charlotte runs parenting courses in the centre and runs satellite sessions out in the community. 

Sarah Harries

Transitional Development Officer

Sarah runs the 'Barod i'r Ysgol' project. This project helps parents and children with the transition in to school through play in a structured way so that parents and children get used to routine. The project also offers one to one support where we can work with parents in the home to support early language development through sharing activities. 

Theresa Glover

Sensory Play Worker


Julie Williams

Sensory, Early Language and Development Worker

Julie has been involved with Jig-So as a parent, volunteer and a member of staff. Julie is responsible for the Home Fire Safety Checks as well as running sessions in the centre and satellite areas.

Ffion Fletcher

Nicky Marston

Family Support Worker

Ann Stokoe

Office Manager

Ann is responsible for the admin and financial management at Jig-So and works behind the scenes across all our projects. 

Transitional Support Worker

Transitional Support Worker works alongside Sarah and Nia on the Barod i'r Ysgol project. She is based at Jig-So running groups in the North of Ceredigion and offering one-to-one support in the community. 

Sonia Evans 

Intergenerational and Family Learning Worker 

Sonia is responsible for running after-school family learning sessions as well as running sessions on Saturday mornings. Sonia comes to Jig-So with an array of skills and experience. 

Nia Fletcher

Transitional Support Worker

Nia works alongside Sarah and Donna on the 'Barod i'r Ysgol' project. Nia is based at Jig-So runnning groups in the South of Ceredigion and offering one-to-one support in the community.